One to one

If you would like to take your time to explore your practice further and have classes specifically tailored to your needs, one-to-one tuition would be what you are looking for. The classes are geared towards your overall well-being, physical fitness level and long-term goals. Together we can work on achieving your goal through Yoga, breathing techniques and Meditation. For more information on how we can suit sessions to your requirements, please contact me at

What my students wanted to share

“Carlo provides an excellent and personalised service. He has a great depth of knowledge about the practice and is one of the best instructors I have enjoyed working with. I always leave his sessions feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Would highly recommend”


“Carlo is a luminous being whom I value, and respect and whom I appreciate for his teaching and friendship values. Carlo gives security, tranquillity and confidence in all his teachings and his yoga practice fills you with grace and contentment. Thanks, Carlo for showing me the way to transformations and resignations that are based on trust”


“Since I started my journey with Carlo, his classes have allowed me to reach into the darkest parts of me and to allowed me to heal the ongoing process. I’ve been accepted for who I am. Which is not always easy. Exposing my vulnerability and feeling held and not judged even felt love and warmth from the class overall. I’m facing my depth which is scary but needed. And Yoga feels magical. Carlo has guided and supported me”


“Practicing with Carlo in these last 2 years has been transformative. His expert guidance, tailored approach, and deep knowledge of Yoga philosophy have not only improved and shaped my physical practice, but also enriched my spiritual journey. I’m truly grateful for the positive energy he brings to each session, creating a safe space for personal growth and self-discovery through Yoga”


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