Yoga Y U C C A

Practice is essential for achieving balance in both your mind and life.

Did you know that the Yucca plant contains purifying qualities?

Hatha Yoga is uniquely focused on transforming the physical body through purification and cultivating the life force energy of prana. One of the symbols of the Yucca plant is modesty and loyalty, like the attitude towards ourselves in the practice of yoga, on and off the mat. Yucca is a symbol of sturdiness as well as beauty, as we use the practice of yoga to connect with the beauty within us and stand strong to support the backbone of life. The yucca plant is also known for being “a good friend” and promising to discover new opportunities. I would like to share with you, in a friendly community-led environment, the gratitude of creating a possibility to unlock your potential and enhance your inner peace.


Public classes

Fancy a group yoga class? Come and join me at Brixton Street Gym South London

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Online classes

Join me via Zoom for online classes multiple times a day per week.

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One to one

If you would like to take your time to explore your practice further and have classes specifically tailored to your needs

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